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How to Make Your PDF into Flip Book

By David Paul - DECEMBER, 12ND 2013
PDF has recently become popular that the majority of text information are displayed in PDF rather than in Microsoft Word file. However, you may find a free trial PDF reader or PDF Editor on the Internet but need later to purchase a full version. With Myjad Flipbook Maker, reading can be more fun as you are turning the page like a real book. Design or edit your own flipbook as anything you can image. Myjad Flipbook Maker easily converts PDF into flipbook and fulfills all your wishes with a few clicks.

Key features of Myjad Flipbook Maker

- Multiple themes, backgrounds, animated scenes, for enlivening your flipbook.
- Add YouTube video banner, image slider, music player, news rotator, plugin and more to ebook.
- Publish as *zip, *html, *app, *exe, plugin and mobile version for multiple platforms.
- Embed in Word Press, Joomla, Drupal as plugin.
- Support more than 10 different languages including Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, French etc.

Make PDF into flipbook

Download and install flipbook maker, open the program and start creating your project.
Import and Creat Flipbook

In the design panel there are options like Scenes, Bookmark, Bookmark Tabs, Plugins, Design Setting, Themes, Background, Manager Assistant etc. for you to make your own flipbook.
Design Setting to Flipbook

Apply change, click "Convert - Publish" and choose any format you want to export. You can send *zip to your friend by email, *exe as screen saver, *app to install in different devices, *html to publish online.
Publish Flipbook to other format

Output Option

That's how you can make PDF into a Flipbook. If you want your flipbook to be displayed in multiple languages, go to "Options" and choose "Flash Language". You will find 10+ most used languages.

Download Windows Version

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