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Way to Insert Different Languages Into Flipbooks

By David Paul - NOVEMBER, 21ST 2013
You can set multiple languages if your audiences are from different countries. Start Flip PDF and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click "File" - "Import PDF" to add your file, insert also link or bookmark from "Import link" or "Import bookmark" if necessary;

Step 2: Go to the design panel and click "design setting" - "Tool Bar Settings" - "Buttons Bar" - "Language"...". In here there are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Gree, Hebrew, Japanese etc for you to choose. Whichever listed from the first will be the default language so if you want to change just move up or down.

Languages Settings

Step 3: After you have selected the languages, save the settings and set switchable as "Yes". Remember to "Apply Change" and a "Switch Language" button will appear in tool bar.

Step 4: Click "Convert" - "Convert To Flipping Book" and output your ebook to any format like *.html, *.exe, *.zip or *.app, etc.

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