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How to Import & Export Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S III

By David Paul - DECEMBER, 17TH 2013
If your Samsung phone memory is full and you want to export contacts to SIM card. You can follow the below instruction.
Press "Contacts" - "The Menu key" - "import/Export".
2a - Copy contacts from your SIM card to your mobile phone.
- Press "Import from SIM card"
- Choose "Phone"
- "Select all"
- "Import"
2b - Copy contacts from your mobile phone to your SIM card.
- "Export from SIM card"
- "Select all"
- "Export"
- "OK"
That's it. Importing and exporting contacts between SIM card and pne is quite easy. But please operate carefully otherwise you may lose the contacts. This would be the worst situation I can hardly image. However, even the worst we are able to handle because we have Myjad Android Contact Recovery.

What is Myjad Android Contact Recovery?
It's a powerful data recovery tool that specialized in direct retrieving deleted, missing and lost contacts from Android phones like Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, LG Optimus, Huawei, HTC Butterfly. Remember to have your phone rooted before applying the program.

Screenshots of Myjad Android Contact Recovery
The below image shows you the successful connection between your phone and the computer.
Android Contact Recovery Main

In here you can see all the found contacts, select contacts and start recovery.
Export Recovered Contacts on Samsung Galaxy

Ok! That's how it works. So you can utilize Myjad Android Contact Recovery for regaining all lost contacts if you have done an mal-operation. Couldn't find the program on the Internet? Here is a shortcut for you.

Download Windows Version

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