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How to Fix Motorola Droid Razr Not Receiving All Messages

By David Paul - DECEMBER, 10TH 2013
Recently I have noticed a common problem with Motorola Razr phone - stop receiving messages. It's really annoying and frustrating if people are sending you messages but you fail to receive. Later you may confuse to get millions of calls and being interrogated that why you are not responding? So how to fix Motorola Droid Razr not receiving all messages? We have collected some useful information for your reference.

Clear data
It is possible that you not are receiving messages due to long thread of text or WiFi is not working properly, backup and delete all your messages first then go to Apps - Settings - Apps - All Apps - Messaging - Clear Data. Remove SIM card and power off your phone for 30 seconds then restart. Let's see if this helps.

Run safe mode
Try to run the phone in safe mode for a day or so to see how the texting app is working without the interference of any other app.

To put your phone in safe mode, follow this:
1. Long press the power button until you see the power off window.
2. Long press power off until you see the safe mode message, and tap OK.
3. Power down and power back up normally to get rid of safe mode.
If you can receive text messages in safe mode, then an app is causing the problem. Unstall any app that you have recently downloaded and installed.

Backup and restore text messages on Motorola Razr
Remember to backup your important messages before you resort to any ultimate resolution. How? Here's a tip - apply Myjad Android SMS Recovery to restore text messages. Myjad Android SMS Recovery directly recovers deleted SMS text messages from Android devices and SD card; retrieves lost messages for various reasons: restoring factory settings, deleting, rooting, etc. It supports multiple Android phones and tablets include Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, Motorola and more.

Screenshots of Myjad SMS Recovery
Start Android SMS Recovery

Recover Messages from Motorola Droid Razr

Download Windows Version

This tool is quite easy to use. Install and run the program, connect your phone to the computer and all the removed messages will be scanned and displayed. Preview and select messages that you want to backup and restore, click "Recover" and finish.

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