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How to Detect If a Keylogger is Installed

By David Paul - SEPTEMBER, 06TH 2013
I am sure keylogger is one of the most annoying and nasty malwares which causes leakage of the confidential information and great property loss. For the purpose of detecting and killing malicious keystroke logging program, using a decent anti-keylogger program is much efficient than ever before. Let's see which ones are powerful to detect and completely remove a keylogger from your computer.

Detect Keylogger

KL-Detector is a totally free keylogger detecting program. It works well in Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista. However this program merely detects keystrokes logging programs but won't remove them. If you want a slightly stronger one, you may opt for SkyRevealis, a shareware that you may need to spend $30 on it. It claims to be the best at detecting and removing key logging pests.

KeyScrambler is a anti-keylogger program that scrambles and encrypts your keystrokes at the driver level so what keyloggers log are simply scrambled keystrokes.

Programs which hook into keyboard may be labeled as a keylogger since some antispywares detect by signature or behavior. SUPERAntiSpyware, Windows Defender, Ad-Aware, Malwarebytes, Antimalware, Spybot-Search & Destroy etc. Detect keyloggers similar like scanning other malwares.

A firewall is also a good choice for protect your computer against keyloggers. An alert will pop-up if there's any suspicious attempt to transfer data from your PC to the Internet. Normally a keylogger has the capability of sending log files to the spy so a firewall will stop this threatening act.

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