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How to Catch Cheating Spouses on Computer

By David Paul - SEPTEMBER, 23RD 2013
Have you noticed that your husband always comes home late and give you poor answers vaguely? You may feel weired after a silent dinner, he rushes to the computer and start chatting cheerfully online. Be careful, that might be a signal of your spouse cheating on you. Checking his or her phone call records or messages is absolutely not enough. You’d better go for an instant messaging checking software. How can you catch your spouse cheating on computer? Here I will share you a useful program - Myjad Keylogger Pro to monitor him or her.

Myjad Keylogger Pro is initially designed for company administrator to monitor staffs' computer activities, as well as for parents to protect kids' from cyber bully. We do not recommend you to use it to spy your partner unless you feel necessary to do s. It can record clipboard, scanning websites, capture screen and keystrokes especially when entering username passwords of Facebook, email or others.

Now, get the app here. Download the trial version to see how it works.

Download Windows Version

How can I catch spouse cheating on computer?

The following part is detailed step-by-step tutorial to guide you to use the app.

Install and run the software

After you download the program, install and run it. Then the interface appears. A small window pops up to remind you to press hotkey Ctrl+ALT+SHIFT+A to unhide Keylogger.
Keylogger Main


Select monitored users

Click General and the select monitored user. Then the selected user's computer activities will be recorded by Keylogger.


Configure screen setting

Click Screenshots on the right column. Complete screenshot settings. You are allowed to set capture interval, scale, quality, keywords and so on.
Screenshot Setting


View monitored log

Click View Logs to see what have been captured. Click Screenshot to view.
Monitor Logs


Set email address to send test email

Click Delivery to complete your email setting. If you don't want to bother by these emails, you are allowed to set which mail box to receive recorded logs.
Email Setting

Well done! You are able to use the program. Myjad Keylogger Pro runs in background and it can't be discovered by your spouse since it's undetectable by anti-virus software and could not be found in the task manager and uninstall and modify programs list. Free download and try now!

Download Windows Version

Disclaimer: Please note that Myjad Keylogger Pro is provided merely for legitimate supervision use. We claim no responsibility in any consequence that caused by any individual for any illegal purpose.

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