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How to Capture Keystrokes on Your Computer

By David Paul - OCTOBER, 17TH 2013

What's keystroke?

Capturing keystrokes refers to the action of recording or logging the keys struck on a keyboard in a confidential manner so that people who use your computer are not wary of being supervised.

Capture Keystroke

Is it legit?
This is the concerning question. Whether it is legit depends on your purpose of using keylogger. Keystroke logging has very legitimate uses in monitoring young children's social networking activities or visited website by parents, tracking users' inputs on computers by administrators, studies of human-computer interaction, etc.

Numerous keylogging methods for choice
There are numerous keylogging methods, ranging from hardware and software-based approaches for various purposes.

Hardware-based keylogger
Hardware keyloggers are used for keystrokes logging, a method of capturing and recording computer users' keystrokes, including sensitive passwords. They can be implemented via firmware or alternatively, via a device plugged in the line between a computer keyboard and a computer. They log all keyboard activity to their internal memory.
Hardware Keylogger

Software-based Keylogger
There are various types of software-based keyloggers including hypervisor-based, kernel-based, API-based, form grabbing based, memory injection based and packet analyzers. Generally speaking, software-based keylogger does not rely on any devices and firmware, and it is endowed with feature that capture user's information without relying on keyboard key presses as the sole input. An outstanding example we strongly recommend is Myjad Keylogger Pro.
Myjad Keylogger

It's enhanced features includes:
1.Clipboard Record
Anything that has been copied to the clipboard can be captured by the program.
2.Application Tracking
Record any attempt to run any program. Whoever runs applications will be accurately tracked and recorded by the program.
3.Keystrokes Logging
Record all the key strokes like entering usernames and passwords when logging in social networking applications.
4.Websites Visited
Monitor web activity like sites titles, clicking links, visiting web-pages URLs.
5.Screen Capture
Screenshots are taken in order to capture graphics-based information. Myjad Keylogger can take screenshots of the whole screen every one minute.

You can download the trial version to have a try!

Download Windows Version

Disclaimer: Please note that Myjad Keylogger Pro is provided merely for legitimate supervision use. We claim no responsibility in any consequence that caused by any individual for any illegal purpose.

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