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iWatch May Go with Gold Color in 8GB and 512 RAM

By Admin On September 5, 2014 · Add Comment

The time of launching iWatch is less than one week. Ming-Chi Kuo, who is the most reliable forecasters in KGI Securities about Apple product in the world, gives some latest information about iWatch.

The Models of iWatch

He said that iWatch will go with 8GB internal storage and 512 MB RAM which is lower than current iOS devices. However, for a wearable device, the configuration like that is great enough now.


That also means iWatch will become more independence from iPhone, and the space of 8GB supports you to receive and save a lot of contents including music, map, audios and more directly. So it is different from other smart watches as Pebble which needs to be used with smart phone.


In consideration of differences of requirements between consumers, there are two screen sizes which are 1.3 inches and 1.5 inches for iWatch, Ming-Chi Kuo added. He also predicts that iWatch will be made by aluminous material. And for the color, iWatch may carry gold color same as iPhone. For dial, it is said that iWatch will use circular design like Moto 360, but Ming-Chi Kuo feels that is quadrate. There will be a mass of tiny holes in the back of iWatch aiming to monitor the users' healthy data at HealthKit platform.



As for launching time of iWatch, Ming-Chi Kuo points that it will be delayed to 2015 because of no mass-production yet. But it will be shown on Apple event next Tuesday to attract more interest of developers to enhance Apple.



iPhone 6 will go with 128 GB storage, a series of sensors and a power button to the side. Ming-Chi Kuo is famous for his accurate predictions. He almost forecasts all details about iPhone 5s/5c last year. So there is no reason to doubt what he said this time.

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