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Microsoft Will Launch Windows 9 Preview Next Month

By Admin On August 20, 2014 · Add Comment

According to the latest report, Microsoft will launch Windows 9 Preview named "Threshold", which is a significant update of Windows system, will return to tradition.

Windows 9 Preview

Although Windows 8 strives to improve the compatibility of Touchscreen devices with operating system by Modern, it did not get a good effects yet. Maybe that is the reason about the rumors that the touch screen interface of Windows 9 system would be rebuilt.


More than that, Windows 9 will be more similar with the traditional window which takes Mouse and Keyboard as the principal thing. In addition, the voice assistant- Cortana can bring a change in user experience on Human-Computer interaction.


The official version of Windows 9 will not be released by Microsoft before 2015. After installing the Windows 9 Developer Preview, Mary Jo Foley, who is a famous editor from ZDNet, said the users must accept to install and upload the new system which was pushed by Microsoft automatically, so it can hardly avoided some bugs.

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