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Bing Gets Smarter with Search Function as Cortana

By Admin On August 18, 2014 · Add Comment

Cortana, which is a personal digital assistant of Microsoft, can make users feel natural to communicate with itself. Bing has announced that it is going to upload the service today to integrate the conversation features like Cortana.

Main Interface of Bing

The new search function is text-based application which can analyze the relations between contexts. For instance, if you search "who is American President?" first, and then if you input "who is his wife" next, Bing will realize that you are looking for Michelle Obama according to these two searches. So what you input for twice is the key for you to get the exact result.


This small feature helps Bing narrow the gap with Google to some extent, and with the rise of Bing, it will weaken the leading position of Google in the search-engine marketing.


It will be a lengthy process to see more features in Bing. In the feature, Bing, which is going to pay more attention to make searching feel more natural, will own more and more similar functions to compete with Google.

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