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Google Will Launch Nexus 5 Customizable Covers Service

By Admin On August 5, 2014 · Add Comment

Google Store Main Interface

Google will launch a new service called Google Workshop, which can provide users customizable back covers with personalized design for Nexus devices.

According to Android Police, Google Workshop is an experimental project and it only supports Nexus devices at the moment. People can still make nothing of its official launch time and supportive phone models.

Customize Personalized Back Covers


The internally experimental designs including "MapMe" and "Moments" are quite interesting and lively. As is shown in the name, "MapMe" is about location specific design, while "Moments" is in connection with everything in your daily life.

The personalized customization service is around you in your life, such as Moto Maker, which only supports outer casting. However, the back covers can be complemented by software customizations like live wallpapers which could match the color-theme.

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