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How to Backup And Restore Text Message on Sony Xperia

By David Paul - NOVEMBER, 09TH 2013
Sending text messages has become the routine way for communication. You may suddenly find that 60% of your phone memory are overwhelmed with both important and useless messages then you start to think how to move the useful info to the computer and delete the ad SMS to free the space. Before you have never thought about transferring messages to PC right? If you perform mal-operation and remove all the text messages, how can you restore them? So now we will teach you how to backup and restore SMS on Sony Xperia.

How can I backup my text message?
1. Install PC Companion
Download and install free software PC Companion on your computer, connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable. Normally PC Companion installation files already exist on your phone, it will auto install when you connect the phone to PC.

2. Backup and restore SMS
Click Back & Restore and follow the instruction to backup your text messages.

Can restoration be easier?
If you have unfortunately mistakenly deleted SMS and need an easier and more efficient way to restore the text messages, here is another option for you - to apply Myjad Android SMS Recovery. It's a professional data recovery tool that focuses on retrieving text messages on android smart phones like Sony Xperia, LG Optimus, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, Motorola Razr.

Screenshots of Myjad Android SMS Recovery
Connect the phone with PC
Android SMS Recovery Main

Preview, select and recover text messages
Restore Text Message on Sony Xperia

Download Windows Version

It's and easy-to-use program that you don't need to follow a long procedure to finally get your SMS backed up and restored. Connect your Sony Xperia to the computer and all messages will be automatically scanned. Yes, it's just as easy as you can see.

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