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How to Backup and Recover Contacts on Sony Xperia

By David Paul - DECEMBER, 1ST 2013
Mobile phone contacts have become one of the most essential data after photos and videos. It's always important to keep a backup of the contacts on another storage device in case that you may lose address book on your phone someday. I am using Sony Xperia not iPhone or Samsung, how can I backup and recover contacts? Here are my tips.

Backup contacts on Sony Xperia memory card
-Follow this, "Menu-Contacts-New contact-Options-Advanced".
-Select "Back up to m.card" then all your contacts will be copied to the memory card.

Restore contacts from memory card
-Go to "Menu-Contacts-New contact-Options-Advanced".
-Select "Restore from m.card" then contacts now have been restored to your phone.

That's how you backup and restore contacts from your memory card on Sony Xperia. But what if you are in the worst situation - DO NOT HAVE BACKUP! How can you recover contacts then? Don't worry, I will share you a useful tool that recovers especially Sony Xperia contacts.

Recover contacts with Myjad Android Contact Recovery
Myjad Android Contact Recovery directly restore lost, damaged, deleted, missing contacts from all Android device including Samsung Galaxy smart phone and tablet, LG Optimus, HTC One, HTC Butterfly, Motorola Razr etc. It reads only the contacts so you don't need to worry about leaking your other private information.

Screenshots of Myjad Contact Recovery
Connect your Sony Xperia with PC
Android Contact Recovery Start

Scan, preview, select and recover contacts to computer.
Recover Android Contacts on Sony Xperia

Download Windows Version

It's an user-friendly program that you can recover contacts without any special computer skills. Install and run Android Contact Recovery, connect Sony Xperia to your PC, all contacts are auto-scanned and can be restored in one click.

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